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This 6 February 2018, the movie Fifty Shades Freed, reaches the movie theaters, the culmination of a very controversial story; This film saga has given much to talk about, some in favor, others against, regardless of whether you like it or not, this Friday the adventures of Ana Steele and Christian Gray come to an end, but this, as such, is not an ending for the protagonists of a controversial film, based on a controversial book, this ending is just it’s beginning, with the expected “they lived happily ever after” of the Gray family, who changed sadomasochism, for a lot of love, a lot of drama, a lot of romance, and in this installment, they also changed it for diapers.

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Well, this franchise is highly criticized, because the genre in which it wants to be cataloged is eroticism or sadomasochism, but come on, since tape one came out, it is clear that this is a romantic drama, very much in the style of the chick flicks, the difference is that, this brings risque scenes, and some soft porn, then, thinking that it is a romantic drama of the “Cinderella” type because it is not necessary to ask for much, simply the expected end of the Fairy tales, they lived happily ever after, as such, it does not appear on the screen, but it is implied and thus closes this trilogy, controversial, strange, which was supposed to be whips, spankings, hot wax and lots of sex, but Instead, we’re left with drama and romance, although hey, it’s finally a movie made for the female market.

Being a film for women it works, it is full of cliches, it is predictable and this film with great production, feels like the story of the novel of the six, but with good production and the performances are a little better; but in essence, Fifty Shades Freed, generally the entire trilogy, is the modern, adult version of Cinderella.

The truth is that I have not read the books, but the tapes made it clear that this is a very dramatic and very romantic story of a very troubled couple who live it up fighting over who is in control and how their expectations deal with reality.

That is the tone of the movie Fifty Shades Freed, which promises a lot of lust and many hot scenes, but on screen, we see more drama and some other scene a little uploaded in which Dakota Johnson presumes her curves.

But if you are looking for sensuality, eroticism and sex, the film is your duty, but in return, it gives you much, much drama.

Synopsis of the movie Fifty Shades Freed

What is it about? Well, obviously we continue with the torrid romance and the difficult and complicated relationship of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan), who although they have already married, continue to fight due to misunderstandings, control, and domination, but not in bed, but in their relationship.

And it is that, after a short honeymoon, they return to routine, and return to face married life, which would seem to be a lot of sex, a lot of idyll, but instead, this couple continues to complicate their lives trying to prove a point.

In that process of finding a balance as a married and mature couple, Ana and Christian have to face many problems, and there is someone who follows them and threatens their safety, and everything points to Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), will not leave the matter of easy way and will complicate the lives of all involved.

The Cast of the Film Fifty Shades Freed

After 3 tapes, there is still a lack of chemistry between these characters, who swear passion and love, but on screen that emotion does not materialize, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, return to act, but they lack that spark, which makes us believe in their love story.

I think that’s the main complaint, the protagonists have no spark, and it only feels like a forced performance.

My opinion of the movie Fifty Shades Freed

I think that in general, everyone will go straight to the jugular of this film, but the truth is that you cannot expect too much, when this is a fictional story, in a literal and metaphorical sense, in the trite and very choteada story that a rich man, falls in love with a poor and ordinary woman, the meeting of different social classes, different ways of thinking and different sexual tastes, collides and gives rise to this story, which I repeat and insist it is nothing original.

Can you criticize? Sure, but come on, it’s the Fifty Shades, don’t expect too much either.

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