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How to Make Money from Blogging?

Nowadays, one of the reasons behind making a blog is that the blogger should earn some money along with his interest and fulfillment of hobby. Actually it is a good idea, if you write a blog by investing hard work and time and can earn some money with it, then it is not a bad thing.

It is natural that every blogger will have this idea at some time, why not learn the established methods of making money from blogging and earn money from your blog too? In this article, we will learn various aspects and methods of earning from blog (Earning from Blog – in Hindi).

Earn from your Blog – Blog Earnings.

There are crores of blogs in different languages ​​on the Internet, but when it comes to earning, then it is also a harsh truth that all these blogs do not earn money. Hardly only 0-2% of blogs are on which there is no earning from the remaining 98% of blogs. Later in the article, we will know why most blogs do not make money. And what separates those on whom money is earned?

Let us first understand the blog science and its associated economic system.

Monetizing your blog

The quality of the content written on your blog and your good grasp on the subjects arouse readers interest in reading your blog posts. If you write well, readers will come back to your blog again and again.

This traffic of readers is called web traffic in the language of the Internet. The more readers visit your blog and the more time you spend on your blog, the better it is for you.

If there is an increase in the traffic coming to the blog, then you can create your publisher account on a platform like Google Adsense and put the code of the advertisement on your blog. When people see or click on those ads, Google gives you some commission.

In the same way, you can earn commission by marketing products sponsored by affiliate marketing. We will learn about these methods in further detail.

Monetizing a self-hosted blog (installed on independent Web Hosting) is easier and more profitable, you have many restrictions on Blogspot or So we recommend that if you want to earn money from a blog, then run your blog on any cheap and good web hosting such as Hostinger, Hostgator  or Bluehost  and monetize the blog according to your mind.

Contextual Banner Ads

As we wrote in the previous paragraph, bloggers can start banner ads by creating their Google Adsense Publisher account.

Google  approves your Adsense account after your application , it should be noted that it is not necessary that all applications are approved. Google approves applications that are suitable for Google’s terms and conditions.

Once the account is approved, you  can place Adsense ads on your blog and earn money. There is also Media.Net as another alternative to Adsense , but new bloggers do not get approval quickly.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the second and best way to earn money from your blog. In this, you have to become a promoter of a product or service and for that, buyers have to send it from their blog to their website. If people do some shopping there then the seller pays you commission.

Let us know in a little detail how affiliate marketing works.

Suppose a company offers a product or service that can be purchased online, then obviously they want more and more customers who are available online and can visit their website. For this, they expect bloggers to write about their product or service on their blog and also share their product links for publicity.

If the customer clicks on a link from your blog and reaches the product manufacturer’s website and makes some purchase, then the owner of that blog will pay the product producer some commission for that sale. In affiliate marketing, how do you know which customer has come from which blog, then there are some big affiliate exchanges that manage it.

Some well-known affiliate exchanges where bloggers and advertisers meet:

  • Shareasale
  • CJ.Com (Commission Junction)
  • Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Paid Reviews & Blog Posting – Sponsored Writing

This is the third way to earn money from a blog, in which the product manufacturer makes direct contact with the blogger and gets the product advertised by paying a lump sum. The owner of the blog writes a review of the product or a blog post in its presence. From where readers access the manufacturer’s website and make a purchase.

In this way, it is not necessary that the blogger will get a commission for every purchase, because they have already taken a lump sum.

Usually this type of offer comes only to very famous or established blogger.

Sell ​​your own stuff – selling your own product or service

An effective way is to sell your own product or service directly from your blog. But this is possible only when there is a lot of traffic on your blog and you have a quality product or service whose buyers are also available.

Examples of some products or services are given below which you can sell yourself:

  • E-books – If you are a specialist in any subject, you can sell and sell e-books.
  • Online Course / Training – You can offer any paid training or course to your readers.
  • E-Commerce Store – If you want to sell a good product, you can create your own e-commerce store.

Blog-related questions related to online earning

In how many days does a blog start earning?

This question comes first in the mind of a new blogger, so the answer is that some good bloggers start earning from the first month, then others take a little time. However, you should consider an average of 6 months when good traffic starts and only after that the earnings increase.

How much can be earned from a blog?

More than 95% of blogs earn zero. But the remaining 5 percent of bloggers earn between 1-2 thousand to lakhs a month. There is no limit of earning on a blog of good quality, they earn up to a few lakhs a month.

There are many posts on my blog, yet why is there no earning?

The main reason for not earning even after having a lot of content is the lack of traffic on your blog.

How will traffic and earnings increase on my blog?

To increase traffic, write regularly, write original and do not copy-paste at all. Also do SEO and social media marketing of your blog.


Blog earning is a subject to attract, but it also takes a mixture of hard work and creativity, then go and start earning. Our advice for new bloggers is that they should enter this field with patience and patience. Do not rush at all, otherwise disappointment will be at hand.

First let your blog freeze slowly, do regular blog posting. Write on interesting topics, and increase readership. Only then think of earning.

If you have worked hard in the beginning and have a little patience, then your blog will definitely earn you, the extent of which is very difficult to tell.

Write your questions and suggestions in the comments below and also share the post with your friends.

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