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Marvel movies list in order from first to last

We help you to chronologically order all the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM), not by their release dates, but by their narrative order within fiction. Thinking of bingeing on Marvel? Of course, you will not lack material: the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) is made up of more than twenty films and two series (and going up),...Read More
जब आप खुद को तराशते है, तब दुनिया आपको तलाशती हैं।
इंसानो की खामोशी बता रही हैं, कुदरत नाराज, बहोत हैं।

Chanakya Quotes

The most valuable scholar and philosopher of his time, Acharya Chanakya, has valuable ideas even today. Every thought of Chanakya fits the test of life very accurately. Chanakya’s thoughts are not just like ordinary motivational thoughts, but they are tested in every way, such precious words which if a person takes off in his life, he...Read More

Goriyaan Goriyaan by Romaana [SONG]

Goriyaan Goriyaan by Romaana Single Track Mp3 Song From Album Goriyaan Goriyaan. Music Of This Song Composed By B Praak & Lyrics Of This Song Has Been Written By Jaani. Goriyaan Goriyaan Mp3 Song Released Under Label DM – Desi Melodies On 2021-04-20 In Single Track Category. Goriyaan Goriyaan by Romaana Song Lyrcs Har   Din ...Read More
हमेशा डरते डरते रहने से अच्छा है एक बार खतरे का सामना किया जाए।
आपकी self Respect आपकी Feelings से ज्यादा strong होनी चाहिए।
की बेटियां नसीब से तो बेटे दुआओं के बाद आते हैं, अजी हम लड़के है जनाब! हम कुछ जिम्मेदारीयों, के साथ आते हैं।
सम्मान हमेशा समय और स्थिति का होता है, पर इंसान उसे अपना समझ लेता है।
सब्र रखो मेहनत जारी है एक दिन वक्त खुद कहेगा अब तेरी बारी है

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