The Kissing Booth (2018) movie review

Welcome to this blog where I will talk about the original NETFLIX movie “The Kissing Booth”.

This movie came out this year (2018) and although I saw it a few months ago I would like to give my opinion from MY point of view. And if you do not agree with my opinion you are free to leave your opinion in a good way in the comments, with nothing more to say… Let’s start:

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At the beginning of the film, they show us Elle and her best friend Lee who happened to be born the same day, at the same time, in the same hospital, and their mothers were best friends (Lack of consistency, alert) and they talk about how they have many rules. stupid they did when they were about 8 years old and among which are:

-Do not go out with a relative of your friend

-Forgive your friend if he gives you an ice cream

-Do not share secrets, etc,

But… Since this is a movie for teenagers, she breaks the rules and falls in love with Lee’s older brother, Noah (who is a violent and controlling person who does not let anyone go out with Elle because he is going to hit them)

Adding more cliches to the plot, Lee and Elle have to raise funds for the dance (like in any American movie) and they come up with their MILLIONAIREAL IDEA of opening a kissing booth (which is almost like lower-ranking prostitution).

Then Elle and Lee go to a party where Elle gets drunk and does a Strep Tease in front of everyone (I want to mention that Lee is the worst friend in the world because he did nothing to see her like this. One of the friendship rules is that if you friend is drunk and you are moderately sober you have to make at least a minimum effort to take care of it and not shit it). Noah saves her and takes her to his room so that the next day she wakes up and coincidentally he is half-naked (Excuse to show an alert muscular actor).

After a lot of padding Elle and Noah (very predictably) kiss each other on Stand day and then start a relationship, then Lee discovers it and gets mad. After a time without knowing anything about Noah, he returns and tells her that he loves her but she does not know whether to EXERCISE HER SEXUAL AND LOVING FREEDOM AS SHE WANTS it or to listen to the idiot of her friend. Finally, she and Noah return but she has to go to college and spend their last months together.

This film seems bad to me, I am going straight to the point, it seems to me a bad film since it transmits many messages that I think are not right, such as normalizing sexual harassment by showing in the film how a boy touches the girl’s ass. protagonist Elle and after that, he invites her to leave as if nothing (And she accepts), also shows the men as cavemen unable to control their impulses (Something that is shown in the scene where Elle mistakenly enters the men’s room and everyone gets out of control and starts yelling at him, whistling, etc., just because he is in a bra/bra/underwear)

And it also seems to me that Noah is not a good person since he is very aggressive, possessive and womanizing. But since it is a movie for teenagers, the protagonist ends with the cute boy and they live happily and eat partridges.

The Kissing Booth (2018) movie review

HOWEVER, I have to admit that it is a quite entertaining film since it has so little coherence that it becomes more interesting.

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you liked it. Do not forget to follow me because I will upload more of this content. And don’t forget to tell me in the comments that you found about this movie, BYE

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